Zombie Outbreak: The Infection

The zombie virus is quickly spreading and the government is frantically trying to get it under control.  In an effort to try and find a cure, laboratories have been opened, stocked full with the walking dead and commanded by mad scientists at the helm.  You and your team of 'volunteers' have unwittingly been duped to be test subjects for one such lab.  Upon entry you realize that things aren't what they should be.  You quickly learn that you've been infected, and the cure lies locked in a lab.  Can you get the cure and get back out in time?  Or will you fall victim to the very science that was trying to prevent this, book today and see if you have what it takes to survive The Infection.

Book Now to Save Yourself!

Reviews (for Fools Gold):

Samantha H.
  "Had a blast! Owners are very friendly! Better experience than we had at one in Kansas City!"

Hannah P.
  "The Encryption room was the best hour ever! It was so intense, with so many clues. I felt like a real detective in a real situation. I
   would definitely recommend doing this with a group of friends for a really fun night!!!"

Escape Room #2