Fool's Gold

You and your colleagues are part of the local pet rescue, and funds are starting to run low.  One of your interns suggests that you visit local area businesses for donations and you get together your group and head out for a day of fundraising.

The Hometown Bank is one of the first places your group decides to go.  The past bank president was an avid fan and routinely donated, but since he passed away, you haven’t had a chance to visit the new president, Mr. Jefferson.

Your group arrives at the bank, eager to meet the president, and as you are escorted into his office, you notice that he isn’t there.  The receptionist assures you he will be along shortly, however things go awry very quickly when you find out exactly what has happened to the bank’s president, and it’s up to you and your group to help him.  Hurry, before it’s too late!

Book Now to Save Him!


Samantha H.
  "Had a blast! Owners are very friendly! Better experience than we had at one in Kansas City!"

Hannah P.
  "The Encryption room was the best hour ever! It was so intense, with so many clues. I felt like a real detective in a real situation. I
   would definitely recommend doing this with a group of friends for a really fun night!!!"

Escape Room #1