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Fool's Gold

422 N Main

Your meeting with the bank president takes a turn for the worse when you realize what has happened to him, can your group save him in time?

Zombie Outbreak: The Infection

422 N Main

You and your team of 'volunteers' have been infected by the zombie virus. Can you get the cure in time or will you remain as zombies forever?

Zombie Outbreak: The Cure

422 N Main

Zombies are closing in, but the cure wasn't quite finished. Can you complete the researchers' cure before you are infected too?

How it works

You Are Locked In

You will bring nothing in, but the escape room will be filled with useful and sometimes irrelevant objects.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Can you puzzle your way to the intriguing conclusion and escape the room in 60 minutes?

Feel The Atmosphere

The rooms are built to create an authentic experience with a fun atmosphere.


Very nice! Perfect for the 2 adults, 9, and 10 year olds! We had a blast!!
Jill (Sept '18)
It was our first time to the Maryville escape room. Much easier to navigate here than worrying about your car and walk in Kansas City. The owners were warm, welcoming, and authentic. I enjoyed this more than the others as they helped keep the pace when we were truly stuck - making it more fun. This group isn't going to get its name on any record board, but I certainly would return to try another room.
Joy (Sept '18)
Eight of us longtime friends escaped from one of the zombie rooms. WE. LOVED. IT. Actually, it was way more fun and challenging than we imagined. Not gonna lie, it was tough, but we all worked together, listened to each other, and communicated in order to get the job done. And didn't kill each other! Then went to dinner and enjoyed rehashing it. The staff was so super friendly. The building was super clean and nice to look at. We will definitely be back to try the other rooms!
Jenna (Aug '18)
Second time coming to Encryption. It's a blast! Oscar dog greets you when you walk in the door. He's a great ambassador. Well thought out rooms full of multiple puzzles that really make you think. The staff is very friendly. Their goal is for your group to have fun, not necessarily to completely stump you. They are on your side. I highly recommend.
Rich (Aug '18)

Who can play

  • Friends & Family
  • Team & Co-Workers
  • Game Lovers
  • Tourists

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