Pick your experience room for a unique 60 minute adventure in Maryville. Can you and your team beat the clock? 
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Zombie Outbreak: The Hunger

Zombies are running rampant, and you and your zombie companions have been held for far too long in this lab with no fresh meat, now new researchers have entered the lab, can you get them before you are too weak?  (...More)
2-8 Player
(Currently under construction, coming this summer)

Room #2b

Zombie Outbreak: The Cure

Zombies are running rampant, you and the team of researchers need to pick up where the last team left off, the cure is almost ready, can you complete it before the zombies break in? (...More)
2-8 Players
(Currently under construction, coming this summer)

Room #1

Room #2a

Fool's Gold

Your meeting with the bank president takes a turn for the worse when you realize what has happened to him, can your group save him in time? (...
Minimum 2 players up to 8 Maximum
36% Success Rate (44:32 Record Time)

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